Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning



External window and door frames should be regularly washed with mild detergent and clean water. If the product is exposed to a high level of contaminants, such as salt air or industrial pollutants, a thorough cleaning should take place at least every three months.

Keep tracks free from dirt and grit and ensure that weepholes are unobstructed and clear to allow maximum drainage.


Keep locks and catches clean, unobstructed and free from any other interference which may detract from their efficient operations. Rollers will either be pre greased or be of an axle design which do not require lubrication, however it is important that the tracks in which they function are kept clean and free from obstruction. (Note: Built up pet hairs in sliding door tracks are one of the biggest causes for damaged rollers).


To clean, simply wipe surface with a diluted solution of methylated spirits on a damp cloth, then polish the surface with a lint free cloth. Proprietary glass cleaners are not recommended as some of them can cause damage to the interlaying membrane of laminated glass. Importantly ensure that all cleaning cloths are free of abrasive substances.

Avoid causing extreme temperature changes, as this may lead to the glass incurring a thermal fracture. I.e.: Do not splash hot water on cold glass or vice versa and where possible prevent the situation whereby half a glass panel may be shaded while the remaining proportion is exposed to direct solar radiation.