Tips for First Homebuilders

Tips for First Homebuilders

    • Understand what government incentives are available

First Home Owners Grants for WA. If you are eligible for the FHOG you can access $10,000 as a grant. For more information and to check eligibility on the FHOG grant fill in the form above.

    • Do you know the difference between buying an established home or building new?

There is a big difference between buying an established home or building a brand-new home. If you are planning on staying in your new home for the foreseeable future, then building means that you can create a home that fits your lifestyle now and into the future. Your home should grow with you and represent what you require now and into the future as circumstances change. Established homes require maintenance and sometimes extensive renovations- your new home will minimise the requirement for maintenance for many years.

    • How much of a deposit does your bank require to grant you pre-approval?

Each mortgage provider is different when it comes to how much deposit is needed to start building a new home, therefore it is important to speak a qualified advisor to determine what cash savings you need to start. If you are also using the FHOG this can be helpful for your mortgage deposit. Our mortgage broker Arin Di Camillo (Australian Credit License 499086) is only too happy to talk you through the various options in detail.

    • Are your finances in order?

It’s no secret that the property market changes quickly, with house & land packages selling quickly. Everyone wants to get their own piece of Australia. That is why it is vital to have all your finances sorted and ready to go, so that you can secure land and take advantage of our exciting promotions.

    • Chose the right builder

Make sure your builder is a HIA member and you get to speak with the construction manager to ensure they have the required skills to make your dream home a reality, it’s important to understand the process and that’s why First Homebuilders is all about communication to ensure you know the entire journey from sign up to key handover. Our Construction manager Robert Leader is only too happy to discuss any areas of the construction journey, having managed over 10,000 builds there’s not much he hasn’t seen.