What to look for in your first home design?

Building your first home is an exciting step for first homebuyers. There are many considerations when designing your dream home.

  • Off street parking: The importance of easily accessible off-street parking cannot be over stated as growing family’s circumstances can change, for example if a room needs to be rented out and the tenant needs parking off site.

  • Garage design: Often over looked by first homebuyers a garage may need to facilitate a 4x4 or even storage for fishing gear, kayaks or new hobbies. It is important to ensure the design not only fits the first home buyers needs but also potential purchasers of the property at a later date.

  • Storage: Storage is often a major consideration for first home buyers and needs to be addressed with the design of a new home to ensure good potential resale value.

  • Garden vs House size: These elements need careful consideration and although some first home buyers desire a big house design, there are often set design guidelines and specific minimum site coverage and outdoor space requirements that must be adhered to.

  • Opportunity to add future value: The addition of a bedroom can increase the value of your home by as much as 10-15 per cent, but you need to make sure you have the headroom to convert the attic space. A study may also be turned into an additional bedroom if designed with this in mind from the offset.

  • Think about the block: things like orientation, neighbouring properties and trees will all have an impact on your home. You can do anything with a house over time, but you can’t control the site or what surrounds it. Try to find a good block that suits your current needs and potential future requirements. For more information on tips for purchasing land click here https://blog.firsthomebuilders.com.au/blog/purchasing-land