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  1. The Federal re-election of the Liberal Government has scrapped any potential restrictions on negative gearing and capital gains tax increases.
  2. Metronet is focused on major investment in public...
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Changes to keystart home loans

As of May 1st 2019 Keystart have announced they are making it easier for West Australians to achieve their dream of homeownership by increasing their income limits. This means that those who...
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LAND in Perth is amongst the cheapest in the country according to the latest data from the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA WA).




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What to look for in your first home design?

Building your first home is an exciting step for first homebuyers. There are many considerations when designing your dream home.

  • Off street parking: The importance of easily accessible...

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How long does it take to build your first home?

A single-storey home with a standard design takes between 4-6 months to complete on average– provided there are no unforeseen delays. Delays can occur due to the following reasons . 

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Purchasing land

Purchasing Land

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Mistakes for first home buyers

First home buyers can fall into various traps which can easily be avoided with the right advice from a reputable builder. Its important to find a builder focused on first home buyers. Some typical...

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What is siteworks?

Siteworks is also referred to as Earthworks and in essence is the clearing of a block of land so it is ready to be built on. It represents all the work carried out on a site prior to building your...

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What are the benefits of building your first home versus buying?

When looking to buy a home, many buyers face one question, whether to purchase an established property, or to acquire land and build a new home.

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